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If you made it all the way here, I appreciate you reaching out! I typically answer emails within 1-2 days. If you're a bride, be ready to setup a phone call, Facetime or in person meeting with me when I reply. I don't mess around and want to get to know you right away. Can't wait to hear all about you guys!

Not Just Your Photographer...Your Resource, Your Friend, Your Family

What’s your photographic style on a Wedding Day?

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NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITS WITH A JOURNALISTIC APPROACH AND FLARE. I WANT YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS TO REFLECT YOUR JOY, LOVE, TENDERNESS, THE FEELING OF HOME. I understand that there are certain expectations bride and grooms have in their head of what photos they want. my biggest goal other than making you feel comfortable is to make sure you're in the best light possible in all situations. When you're getting into your dress I want it to be an organic moment with your mom, sister or best friend but I also want the beautiful sunlight to shine on you. Another example would be the Bridal Party and Family Formals photos. I always take group shots of everyone together, the girls with the bride and guys with the groom and photos of each bridesmaids with the bride and each groomsmen with the groom. I send out a family formal questionnaire before the wedding day to gather the names of your immediate family's names so that the whole process goes photos go by quickly and efficiently. I also love getting to know the family members that are close to you, calling them by their name is a huge part in getting everyone to listen and feel comfortable around me and the camera. I WANT YOU TO LOOK BACK ON YOUR BRIDE AND GROOM IMAGES AND SAY THAT WAS ME, THAT WAS US. THAT WAS HOW WE ONCE WERE, HOW WE LOVED, HOW WE RADIATED WITH JOY AND HOW WE LIT UP WHEN OUR PERSON WAS NEAR. 

What if we want prints? 

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I strongly agree that your wedding photos should not live in your online gallery forever. I want them to be plastered all over your house. In frames on the walls for your kids and grandkids to see for years to come. There is a professional printing lab connected to your gallery. You can order prints directly from the gallery where they will be mailed straight to your house! It's basically online shopping for your wedding prints!

Do we own the copyright?

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You have printing and sharing rights but the copyright stays with me. 

Can we share the photos with family and friends?

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Do you deliver unedited photos?

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Nope. I delete undelivered RAW photos, one year after the session. You have one year to email me and ask me for any additional photos, after that the UNDELIVERED RAW photos will be removed from all my hard drives. I do keep the unedited raws and edited jpegs on a physical and cloud drive.

How does the engagement session work? Do we get a discount if we don't use it?

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Your engagement session is the perfect time for us to get to know each other and for you to get used to being in front of my camera. A lot of the directions i give you at the engagement session are similar to the ones given on the wedding day. It’s also the perfect chance to do your hair and makeup trials. I do not give discounts for not using the engagement session but you can swap it out for rehearsal dinner coverage, an anniversary session, bridal adventure session or an extra hour of wedding day coverage.

Will you travel?

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Yes! Email me all the details and I can create a custom package for you!

What's the role of the second photographer?

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They are there to capture creative angles, to be with the groomsmen while I am with the bride. to take alternative angles during the ceremony. They capture details and candids of guests during cocktail hour. They are there to assist during family formals. Most importantly they are there as a backup in case I was to suddenly fall ill or get into an accident on your wedding day.

How long will it take to get our images back?

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For wedding galleries it takes me about 3-4 weeks. I do my very best to send a sneak peek gallery of 50-100 images within 24-48 hours of the wedding date. All portrait galleries take about 3-10 days. I try and keep it under a week, but it depends on the time of year. Communication is super important to me, so if your gallery is going to be delayed for any reason(illness, personal reason, travel etc.) I do my best to let you know and give you an updated date you can expect your gallery.